Street Art

Alex Senna's Shadow Series in São Paulo

November 07, 2016

Brazilian artist Alex Senna recently came back from South Korea where he was invited by GMOMA for a solo exhibition with Amway Gallery in Bundang. Upon his arrival Senna went straight back on the streets of his hometown, creating effective new pieces from his ongoing shadows series.

These works show his recognizable vintage cartoon-like characters, representing his fellow citizens on their daily commute. Done using only black and white sprays, his tools of choice, the artist is paying tribute to common people and their mundane lives. Shown from different angles, with their large shadows creating an optical illusion of sorts, the works are done in different sizes and formats, mostly around Pompéia neighborhood. Senna has been creating character-based interventions on the streets of Sao Paulo for years, using simple yet articulate visual language to tell poetic stories about beauty and sadness of modern urban life. He recently took part in Artmossphere Bienal of Street Art in Moscow, created murals in Næstved, Denmark, and painted a series of public works during his solo show visit to South Korea. —Sasha Bogojev