Street Art

AEC Interesni Kazki in Cancun

March 28, 2017

Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki recently took part in Proyecto Panorama project in Cancun, Mexico. The Ukrainian artist joined a team of international contributing artists and created a new colorful and meaningful piece titled "End of The Age of Walls" in the old part of town.

Inspired by current world politics, especially the worrying rhetoric and messages coming from the US to Mexico, Aec painted a mural that speaks against the language of hate and separation. Working on this piece for 8 days, he painted an image that shows common man walking through a wall armed with a book. Painted in the artist's recognizable illustrative style, filled with symbols and metaphors, the image speaks of the power of education, knowledge and culture against the walls and barriers between the people.