Street Art

Addam Yekutieli, aka Know Hope, Tells 246 Sides to a Story in Jerusalem

June 11, 2018

Back in mid-May, around the same time when the re-located American Embassy opened in Jerusalem and the Gaza border protests took place, Addam Yekutieli (aka Know Hope) was taking part in the Walls Festival, produced by Ghostown. Painting a wall located near the Green Line In Jerusalem, on the seam of the Talpiot Industrial Zone and Beit Safafa, Yekutieli, who we just featured in Summer 2018 issue, created this powerful mural entitled, "246 Sides to a Story."

Throughout his career, the Tel Aviv-based artist has been creating interventions, installations and murals that address the devastating and complicated conflict that has been taking place in Israel. Always aiming to show the complexity of the situation through poetic works, this intervention might be arguably one of his most powerful to date. Working on a facade of the abandoned flour factory, Yekutieli picked a wall that was caught in the crossfire of the Six Day War in 1967. With bullet holes still clearly visible on the surface of the building, Addam had the idea to emphasize both the causes and consequences of the situation that lead to such damage.

By adding a single line of text to each of the 246 holes he numbered on the building, the artist wrote an accumulation of texts, poetic/metaphorical renditions based on things relating the history of the building, the area and the reflections on the issue to the current day. Through such a gesture, he personalized each of the bullets, giving them the more individual importance and stressing that each of them could've been a possible cause of someone's death, a loss of a single line or a thought. Coincidentally, 62 Palestinian protesters were reported killed by the IDF the day of the completion of the piece, making it that much more powerful and sadly, still very relevant. —Sasha Bogojev