Last year Gainesville in Florida started a large project titled 352walls / The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative, curated by Iryna Kanishcheva. Inviting mural/urban artists from around the world to create large-scale murals and public interventions in and around downtown, the project recently hosted Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel from Portugal.

This unique artist creates public interventions that are strongly influenced by traditional Portuguese tiles, alujezos. Taking their aesthetic and romantic feel, Add Fuel plays with the idea of vintage and modern, creating an illusion that is reevaluating tradition. By creating layers of different patterns or tiles, he is leaving the original surface on top, giving the piece an artificial history or background. The works produced around Gainesville are from his "Electrical Animals" series in which he likes to relate to a location by creating patterns using characteristic animals. For this specific body of work he created unique patterns using mockingbird, horse conch, sea turtle, armadillo, Atlantic sailfish, manatee, alligator, etc. By painting 9 electrical boxes or "urban objects" and mixing 7 different patterns created exclusively for this project, Add Fuel created his biggest series of boxes in one place, along with a large mural piece. —Sasha Bogojev