Street Art

A tour of Ian Strange's large-scale domestic interventions

November 09, 2017

Ahead of his new exhibition, Island, opening in New York on November 18th, Australian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Ian Strange takes Nowness on a tour of some of his large-scale domestic interventions.

"Ian Strange is best known for his ‘suburban interventions’—works which violently rupture homes from quiet streets, turning their facades into a monumental—and unsettling—canvas. The street artist turned installation ingenue pulls the innards out of bungalows and terraces, slicing perfectly realized negative spaces from sitting rooms and ceilings. Entire facades are painted in jarring blocks of color. Strange confronts the home as a site of anxiety as well as comfort. Working closely with communities and the victims of housing crisis, he also explores the emotional charge we attach to our homes. His practice has gained increasing momentum in the art world, leading to archival and research projects as well as a string of solo exhibitions, including in New York and LA. In this new film for our Private View series, Strange talks about his practice as a form of ‘attack’, and unravels our perceptions of what the home is—and of what it is not."

Ian Strange ISLAND SOS 72dpi Website