As we continue to highlight the artists that will be taking part at Nuart Aberdeen from June 6—9, 2024 in A Portfolio, we revist our 2022 Radio Juxtapoz podcast with our good friend, Hera

HERA (Jasmin Siddiqui) is a Frankfurt-born German-Pakistani painter with artistic roots in the graffiti and street art genre. She has been travelling the world since 2001 painting large-scale murals, solo or as part of the duo HERAKUT. Her biggest outdoor pieces are located in São Paulo, Miami, Moscow, Reykjavik, Melbourne, Berlin, Kampala and Washington DC. Besides her mural work, HERA’s artwork has been displayed in museum exhibitions including the Rogaland Kunstmuseum in Stavanger, Norway, in 2007, the Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, 2015, the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin in 2018, the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam in 2022, and MACA Museum in Copenhagen in 2024.

HERA was part of “Artists for Human Rights“, the first ever street art exhibition inside the European Parliament in Brussels in December 2022. In 2023 she worked on several United Nations funded projects with the NGO “Streetart for Mankind“ promoting social change. This is in line with HERA´s continuous efforts to utilise street art for humanitarian causes. In the past she has collaborated with various humanitarian aid organisations, such as UNICEF and The Global Fund, Save the Children and Viva Con Agua, with art programs and workshops focusing on children and underprivileged youth.