As we pack our bags for Nuart Aberdeen, we are still showcasing the roster for this year's festival that kicks off on June 6th in Scotland. A Portfolio today is dedicated to Case Maclaim, a technical master who will add such a nice work and aesthetic to the granite city. 

Case, aka Andreas Chrzanowski, is a founding member of the renowned Ma’Claim Crew. He has been a photorealism pioneer for over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint to embrace the power of movement through the universality of hands. “Power” and “movement” have individually played key roles in the backbone of his German roots, inspiring him to communicate his strong messages of unity and power by overlaying hands. The overlaying “movement” involves not just the movement of the physical body, but also political movement, generally being left without a particular context in which the viewer is left to visualise the remaining story and/or emotion, relative to their current situations. Having travelled to over 20 countries Case has literally left his fingerprints in each, continually leaving bits and pieces of a language understood by all – after all a hand gesture can tell a thousand words.