Street Art

A Big Picture in Rio: “Live Outside” Travels On

August 10, 2016

Musicians literally band together, designers confab in agencies, and fashion houses hum with activity. However, painters, both street and studio, enjoy long creative interludes in solitary reverie. The Live Outside Project, created by JanSport, envisions more than a mural, but also documents the social and stimulating advantages of collaboration, benefitting both artist and community.

The 2016 Live Outside campaign descended upon Rio de Janeiro, a city rich in bold Brazilian art and culture, especially works on the street. Local artists Mateu Velasco, Mari Mats and Nina Moraes were challenged with transforming a vacant wall waiting among the lush, winding streets of the hilltop Santa Teresa, a neighborhood privileged to be the location of the famed art collection of Raymundo Ottoni de Castro.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mateu noted, “Thinking about our city, we wanted something with vibrant colors. Playing off the idea of the famous Girl from Ipanema character that Nina drew, it all felt very emblematic. Then Mari’s characters fly around the central figure in bright, bold colors. And it’s perfect because in the end, the woman in the mural looks exactly like a famous Brazilian singer from the 1970s, Maria Bethânia.”

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