Book Giveaway: Stephen Powers "A Love Letter to the City"

April 24, 2014

Our friends at Princeton Architectual Press have  sent us a few copies of ESPO's new book "A Love Letter to the City" plus some of his love note cards, and we will be giving them away. Simply, Like Juxtapoz, follow us on Twitter, share this post  and we will select three people at random from the hashtag #LOVEJUX on Twitter this Friday April 25, 2014. 


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Stephen “ESPO” Powers isn’t one to mince words. He has championed a love for traditional sign-painting into a fine art form with a clever, original turn of phrase and knack for transforming what appears to be an advertisement into a thoughtful conversation with the viewer. After massive art projects at Coney Island as well as in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Johannesburg, Belfast, Dublin, and São Paulo, Princeton Architectural Press released A Love Letter to the City this Spring, documenting Powers’s and his team’s poignant use of public space. Syncing color blasts with humor, the new release reminds us that Powers and his crew don’t just show up and paint a wall expecting accolades. This is a documentation of community and artist working together to forge a statement of pride—a definition of public art. “I’m interested in stripping out the commercial [and] stripping in the emotional,” Powers says in Peter Eleey’s brilliant introduction to Love Letter, a powerful reminder that our public space is occupied with hypnotic corporate messaging and not enough introspective visual art. On his time at Coney Island, Powers notes, “I learned to make effective paintings, perform effective community service, and be an effective carny making cash in the summer sun—all useful skills when it was time to make sign painting the voice of the community.”

A Love Letter to the City and a companion love note cards, I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face are on sale through Princeton Architectural.

*Please note:  A Juxtapoz staff member will contact you directly via a Twitter Direct Message if you're the lucky winner.