Stacey Rozich "Within Without Me" @ Roq La Rue, Seattle

May 02, 2013 - Jun 01, 2013Roq La Rue, Seattle

Kicking off the exhibition program at Roq La Rue's new Seattle space in Pioneer Square will be Stacey Rozich's Within Without Me. We have been showing Rozich's work on the site for a few years, but this show is noted for "a jump up from previous shows containing larger, more complex works rendered in her trademark mediums of watercolor and gouache, as well as a deeper, more profound exploration of contemporary global social political themes."

Rozich provocative and emotionally charged work blends images and patterns found in multiple traditional cultures around the world, creating something new but that resonates with a familiarity and pulls on ancient archetypal memories. Pulling from indigenous and contemporary symbolism, her enigmatic creatures are adorned in shamanic-like masks as they cavort with varieties of real and imagined beasts and partake in both mundane activities as well as the charged spiritual tensions that the best unwatered down storytales contain.

This show opens Thursday May 2nd 6-9pm in Roq La Rue's brand new Pioneer Square location at 532 1st Ave S (near King St) Seattle WA 98104