Some Verbal Expressions Concerning the Painting

March 05, 2015

Some Verbal Expressions Concerning the Painting

The painting considers this question: Where was the universe made? Fireworks: they are objects like ourselves. They have their existence in the shapes and colors they contain. But they are going to change when lit, as we will change at some moment in our lives, when we change from life to whatever comes next. The fireworks will change into star-backed splendor. Hopefully, we too will achieve such an exalted metamorphosis.

In the background of the painting, one sees the shape of an explosion, delineated as shape and color, so simplified from the actual occurrence. Still, it shows the pop when this reality we are definitely in began.

Then…what? Has everything that followed been random? Or completely set at the moment at that pop? The objects in the painting, observed: are they in place—arranged, balanced? Or are they awry? Did the objects accidentally come to rest in these positions? Or did someone purposely place them in this arrangement? Consequently, what does this say about order and happenstance? Getting back to the universe: Where did it come from? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to contemplate nothing, rather than something?! Nothing is easy to understand. Something is beyond our abilities to understand.

If only we could climb into a reconnaissance plane and fly out for an overview, to see exactly what the universe is about… We know that the fireworks pictured in the painting were manufactured in a factory in China. My question with this painting is: Where is the factory that manufactured the universe?
Glennray Tutor

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