Smoke by Stefano Bonazzi

February 14, 2012

Ferrara, Italy-based digital artist, Stefano Bonazzi combines charcoal drawing, photo editing, and digital photography to produce his work, and his beautiful series, Smoke is one that deserves the most attention. His nude subjects seem to vanish into a veil of smoke from both ends of their bodies, creating mysterious and elegant shades of black, white, and grey around the human form. But the subjects never appear alarmed; they exist as if they know the inevitability of their fleeting time. They float and pose as they are turned to smoke.

As Bonazzi states, "I am fascinated by the infinite shades in between that color our contemporary life, I love the gray rather than black and white. The feelings of anxiety and discomfort, which in some way belong to each of us, as well as the approach that we have about death, it usually issues hidden by a company that paints itself as omnipotent and ethereal, are the focal points around wheel to which my work. Misleading image of a false reality loaded artificial colors, dyes prefer a picturesque vision and reduced most essential. I find it particularly congenial to the realization of my representations digital technologies, a veritable kaleidoscope of nuances of expression that allows the artist to infinitely expand its scope of intervention and evaluation. ”