SKULLS Brand: Creative Editions

November 22, 2013

SKULLS is an American brand brand based on the principles of quality, design, creativity and fun. Its founder is Spaniard Ivan Jimenez who one day, wanted to create hats he couldn´t find anywhere. That was march 2011. Today SKULLS represents an entire line of creative apparel, head ware and accessories that can fulfill that longing you've had this entire time. I mean, a limited edition 5 panel 'Heroes' hat based entirely off of our favorite superheroes and some celestial printed 'Cosmos' eyeglasses?? Sign us up.

With a previous experience as a pro skateboard photographer who traveled all over the world to shoot ads and editorial coverage for brands and magazines like Thrasher Magazine, DECA skateboards, Ezekiel clothing, Axion Shoes, Monkey Business Hardware or even Benetton Italy, to brand manager for Nike (2004-2011) or freelance designer, all this experience has been put to use with SKULLS, an independent company that has grown organically from an initial investment of $400 to having more than +120 designs in the market in just 24 months.

From a one man dream to create high quality products that he couldn’t find for himself, to being available in more than 10 countries and having a combined +23,000 social media followers: All based on passion and hard work.

With production in the USA for all the hats and apparel, Skulls wants to maintain the highest quality in every of its product. SKULLS is sold online from the brand web store and at selected retailers worldwide to cover the demand of avid fashionistas, streetwear fans and skateboarders alike.

With a small team of one, this brand is all about pushing the boundaries of design, fabric use, collaborative designs and quality and making it all available to fashionistas, skateboarders and urbanites worldwide.