Sieben on Life: Two for Life

June 09, 2014

Sieben on Life: Two for Life

Sieben on Life "Two for Life"

I've had two art show concepts in the back of my mind for numerous years now, and chances are I'll never actually have the time or motivation to execute either of them myself. Rather than letting them disintegrate like dusty skeletons in my closet, I thought I'd share the ideas with you guys in case somebody out there wants to run with either concept. If you do, please list me as a creative consultant or conceptual assistant or some shit like that.

Paint Every Piece of Art That Has Ever Been on The Simpsons
The concept is simple, albeit ridiculously time consuming. Watch every single episode of The Simpsons and document each painting that has ever been on the show—then make a painting based on each of the paintings. You could be completely literal with your interpretations, or you could use the cartoon images as springboards for your own versions of the works. I'd recommend hiring a smarty-pants curator to write some type of in-depth statement about how the work speaks to America's pop-culture ideals regarding what art looks like in this day and age, or something like that. But more than anything, this just seems like one of those ideas that would immediately get tons of exposure. Doesn't it look like a BuzzFeed headline? "This artist painted every single painting from the The Simpsons. You gotta see it to believe it!" Sure, for the rest of your career you'd be known as "the artist that made all those Simpsons paintings," but at least you'd be (almost) guaranteed your fifteen minutes. I don't know—think about it. 

Autobiographical Fake Rock Posters
When I was younger, I really wanted to design screen-printed gig posters, but I only knew a handful of people who were in bands, and none of them were interested in having posters produced for their shows. I had a vision of someday exhibiting all of my music prints in a fancy gallery somewhere, but how could that happen if I never actually got the opportunity to design them? The solution: make fake posters that celebrated key moments in my own life utilizing the aesthetic of music posters. For instance, I split my eyebrow open one night while bombing a hill in Durango, Colorado on my skateboard after pounding a forty-ounce of Olde English malt liquor. Reference the illustration on this page to see what that might look like as a music poster. You know what? Actually, I think I do want to follow through with this idea, so don't steal it. Is it too late to edit this or did we already go to print?

-Micheal Sieben

Originally published in the June, 2014 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine