Sheryo x The Yok "Pipe Dreams" @ Krause Gallery, NY

May 17, 2013


Sheryo and The Yok have taken their illustrative style combined eastern and western elements to hand painted vases. Rending Chinese dragos, pipes, geishas, and New York culture, the duo portray vaules of ideology, devotion, relationships, dharma and karma. Opening last night at Krause Gallery, their show "Pipe Dreams" will be on display through June 16th.

From the Gallery: 

"Working with varying painting techniques, the artists have culled together collaborative pieces that represent their shared life together. From their nomadic travels the past year to in-jokes with their friends in New York, the Yok and Sheryo seamlessly combine their adventures into every detail of their work. For example, their hand painted vases combine eastern & western elements to portray the values of ideology, devotion, relationships, dharma and karma, depicting a narrative from the rich tales of their journey.  From their fun filled art renderings with Chinese dragons, pipes, and geishas intermixing with the New York culture,Sheryo and the Yok put their own illustrative styles on imagery as they re-interpret the traditional folklore and fables of old Chinese times while injecting their own personal stories with their iconic styles."