Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present On Our Hands, an exhibition of new paintings by Shepard Fairey. The exhibition will be on view September 18—October 24, with a public opening reception September 17, 4-8pm. We are excited to see Shepard back in NYC, and his show at Pace Prints a few years back was a great one, as well as his awesome warehouse insanity with Jonathan LeVine Gallery back in 2007. The Obey Giant does well in NYC.

We asked Shepard a few questions about the show (the full interview will be in an upcoming issue), and here is part of that conversation:

What’s the general theme of the new show?
Shepard Fairey: There are a few themes, but it’s largely a continuation of a lot of the critiques of power in politics, the corporate world and society, in general, that have been in my work for several years. However, I’ve been focusing on the root causes of corruption and corporate favoritism that have lead me to target the disproportionate influence the fossil fuel companies have, as well as the current campaign finance structure that makes their power so manipulative within our political system. The issues of wealth inequality, environmental destruction, wage stagnation and others are largely linked to campaign finance structure and corporate influence. These ideas manifest in several ways visually in the new body of work, but they are present in almost all of the pieces.

What kinds of questions are you asking with the new work?
I’m asking people if our current version of capitalism and two-party politics is really facilitating their vision of The American Dream, and if not, here are a few of my thoughts on why.

Shepard Fairey: On Our Hands
September 18—October 24, 2015
Jacob Lewis Gallery, NYC