Brilliant Champions Gallery is pleased to present SELFISH, a collection of works by guest curator Akeem K. Duncan of Quiet Lunch opening tomorrow, March 18th in Brooklyn.

SELFISH is a multi-medium group exhibition that focuses on the existential significance of self-portraiture and the role it plays in an artist’s creative process. Self-portraiture is sometimes viewed as a casually vainglorious practice⎯the conceptual stroking of the artist’s ego, a pretentious selfie. This couldn’t be any more further from the truth. The self-portrait is a vivid exemplar of imaginative introspection.

SELFISH will feature a selection of self-portraits from a roster of talented artists from various mediums. The gathering of these autobiographical works will highlight the beauty of the individual experience and characterize the relationship between the micro and the macro. Not your average gauntlet of well-wrought narcissism, this exhibition expounds on what it truly means for an artist to look within themselves. At its core, SELFISH is not about the artists; it is about finding something within yourself that has the potential to inspire others.

Opening Recpetion for SELFISH: March 18, 2016 6-9 P.M.