"See You on the Other Side," DOZE Collective's 2501 @ Soze Gallery, LA

May 24, 2013 - Jun 24, 2013SOZE Gallery, Los Angles

DOZE Collective's 2501 has been brewing something explosive for his solo show at SOZE Gallery in LA opening on the 24th of May. See You On The Other Side, is 2501s first one man show in the US and features balck and white works on paper in his predominatly abstract monochromatic painting style....

Photos by @toddmazer


Solo Exhibition at Soze Gallery
May 24th Friday 7pm-10pm
2020 E. 7th St
Los Angeles, CA. 90021




> 2501 is'nt a physical entity.

> 2501 it's the ghost in the shell.

> 2501 interprets the surrounding enviornment.

> 2501 transforms itself into time without limits of style or media.

> 2501 nurtures itself with the surrounding enviornment proposing deep and new ways of interpretation.

> 2501 knows that to see the dawn there is no other road but the night.

> 2501 cannot follow the roads already paved.

> 2501 does'nt believe in the traditional artistic enviornment and its cast system of organization.

> 2501 is the expression of multiple artists and thier exchange with one another.

> 2501 chooses the urban enviornment as his privillaged space to exchange ideas.

> 2501 chooses the urban enviornment as his exhibition space.

> 2501 knows that the greatest luxury is that of extending ones time without limitations.

> 2501 believes that he who commands his own time has the privillage and thus the responsability to react for those who cannot.

> 2501 believes that art should give a critical vision of society not in a superficial manner but in a lucid and intelligent truth.

> 2501 believes that being able to make art in life is a luxury.