Atlanta-based sculptor Christina West is adept at creating classically-inspired, anatomically correct busts and nudes, marred with bright paint or lines of enamel. Or sometimes West simply chops off parts of their faces.

Many of her figures exist at unnatural sizes, humans 14” to 44” tall. Her color scheme is bright and bold; she steeps sculptures in red pools of paint or spray paints them with neon pinks and yellows.

She explains the themes of alienation in her work saying, “Even if we are good at reading visual cues and someone is being open with us, we can never be in another’s head as completely as we are in our own and vice versa.” Her most recent series, “Unmet,” consists of classical style busts, which West has built up with multiple layers of colors. On her process, she says, "I carve into their fully articulated faces, slowly exposing interior strata of color and pattern. Similar to the process of excavation, I remove material with the aim of discovering new information. But the final pieces, rather than revealing something about the figure as a portrait would, present only a flat, opaque planes.”