If 2 museum shows wasn't enough, Tom Sachs (featured in our May 2016 issue) will open "Nuggets" with Jeffrey Deitch at 76 Grand St in NYC from May 5—June 4, 2016. 

And maybe we are wondering what a Nugget is? Well, Deitch explains that "The works in Nuggets span the spectrum of Tom’s artistic, cultural and sociological interests, from Brancusi to McDonald’s. Among the resonant works are his Kelly Bag in plywood, canvas, steel, resin, latex and nylon and his plywood, latex, and epoxy milk crate, with steel hardware, his homage to a masterpiece of modern design. There is also Nutritional Facts, a giant wood burned chart of the nutritional content of the full McDonald’s menu. The works are presented on pedestals like rare tribal sculpture in the Metropolitan’s Michael Rockefeller Wing."

That makes more sense.