Tim Boin's Geometric Sculptures Light Up Salford, UK at Night

May 20, 2017 - May 29, 2017Media City UK Plaza, Salford

The Media City Plaza in Salford, UK will be hosting a unique presentation by Tim Boin titled Unnatural Borders. This street-art-meets-digital-art-installation speaks about endangered species and includes 4 giant sculptures created using 3D mapping.

The showcase was organized by Rotterdam-based collective Sober Industries who teamed up with the local digital art company Quays Culture. As a strong believer in geometry as the law of the universe, Boin's art is regularly based on light, geometry and spirituality. A whale, polar bear, bumble bee and a red squirrel created for this project are symbolizing all the species endangered by human behavior and its effect on the global ecosystem. Created using digital technology, the artist and the organizers question our responsibility towards other creatures living on the same planet. While plain white during the day, the 4m (13ft) high sculptures are being illuminated during nightime clashing with the surrounding skyline and accenting the message of the project.––Sasha Bogojev