Mexican muralists Smithe and Seher just finished up tackling some massive walls and painted this skull sculpture in Hamburg, Germany. We know Smithe & Seher because they are probably two of the most reckless and bold artists in the urban art spectrum of Mexico City.

"The journey hasn’t been easy, though. We all know Mexico is not easy at all. But they are not afraid to create their own rules. Either way, Smithe and Seher always decide to take risks and develop their own projects. When they say "yes!" to a project, and they put the very first brushstroke on a wall, there is no turning back. They stay steady and they crush it. So, this time wasn’t the exception either.

We had a little WhatsApp chat/interview with them while they are still in Germany and this is what they said about their recent project.


Enriqueta Arias: Can you guys tell me how you came up with the idea for the project of the skull sculpture with Millerntor Gallery?
Smithe & Seher: We started our journey next to CADEART, an independent project that aims to bring Mexican artists and creative people to Germany and take the art to the streets. The project with Millerntor Gallery came after. We know the gallery since a long time ago, and we are very good friends with them too. The invitation to come and paint some segments of the former Berlin wall was by Nazca, he invited us to be part of this project as a protest against the construction of the wall between Mexico and The United States. He did the approach and he gave us the space to paint.

What was the inspiration to paint the skull for Millerntor Gallery?
Oh well, the inspiration behind the giant skull really was taking shape once we started. We didn’t know the dimentions neither the real structure, until they showed to us. We only had a photo as a reference and just a couple of days to finish it, so we went with the flow and we also had to beat the rain in Hamburg. So, at the end we did something organic shaped.

Smithe Seher Photo by Stefan Groenveld

After all these years of friendship—between Seher & Smithe—and all the travels together, what is the most special thing of working as a team?
Traveling together is always a lession to learn and a reminder of who we are, where we came from, and at the end we are just two guys from the same block, the same neighborhood, trotting around the globe. All the journeys together inspire us and re-charge us to keep it going and go back to the studio and create. We always learn from every trip together, and this is one of the most special ones, because it makes us re-think: where are we going and what we really want to do from now on.

What is the message you want to leave with your work. I know is not the first time you go to Hamburg, so what do you like about the German culture, compared to Mexican culture?
We never think about an specific message. We always get to any place with ideas and our vibes, but the really cool thing about Germany is that people are really open to new ideas and they want to try with us. The thing we enjoy here is people’s freedom to live their own lives. That is very cool.

Last but not least… what do you like to eat when you are in Germany?
The classic Krakuer! Its a winner!

Photos by Seher One, Smithe One & Stefan Groenveld for Millerntor Gallery