Simon Shepherd Is Exploring Decay

July 12, 2017

Two years since his London debut sculptor Simon Shepherd returns with "†unsubscribed" solo exhibition, showing a new body of work that is exploring decay in an upgrade obsessed world. Teaming up with producer and curator Charlotte Pyatt, this self produced event will mark the culmination of his two years studio time.

"Divided" in 2 distinctive series the works are exploring the vulnerability and decay as well as play with the idea of tradition and familiarity. Commenting on our over exposure to information and imagery, Shepherd created the Hearts series that exposes our long forgotten fragility and sensitivity. Mixing the iconic symbol of love and feelings with bricks and mortar, a symbol of firmness and stability, he created a series of little monuments to different emotions and their possible causes. The other part of the show is focused on the idea of a perfect human or perfect body, and the way it affects our fragile sense of self worth. Through a series of works that present human body as a product rather than living being, Shepherd presents a conflicting perspective on the relationship between progress and tradition and the worrying shift of values. —Sasha Bogojev

July 20—23rd