Sebastian Brajkovic expresses a series of constant contradictions: between past and present; theory and practice; convention and innovation. Such differences motivate and inspire his practice, as he himself explains: “When I like the old, I show the new in the old. When I am drawn to function I consider the deconstruction of this function, when I convey movement, it best explains itself in stillness. Juxtapositions reveal each other’s appearance.”

"For the Lathe chairs, woodcarving, bronze casting and embroidery are used to create both the structure and the upholstery. Each work is first sculpted by hand before being moulded. At the same time, he employs new digital techniques for sculpture, harnessing the possibilities of contemporary design aids (Photoshop, CAD) for the extension of pixels and distortion of images. In doing so, he physically stretches out the seats’ surface. The embroidered upholstery also owes its intricate precision to digital completion. His use of technology in the Lathe series celebrates the art of craft."

via carpenter's workshop