Santissimi's Creepy Resin Sculptures

February 14, 2017

Italian rtist duo Santissimi (Sara Renzetti and Antonello Serra) create creepily realistic resin sculptures, examining the origins of man and our fascination with genetics. The animal-human hybrids are especially relevant given the recent developments in stem cell research...

"The work of the Santissimi looks at the art as an operational machine in which to cross, staying, the forms more or less accomplices of the knowledge that reflected in the definition: 'philosophical empiricism in the art.' Philosophical empiricism means putting into practice the knowledge, to perform an operation of thought, or to be more precise, translate into visual terms, the scientific and philosophical thought. As the philosopher analyses the knowledge in its most theoretical, describing and analysing the more purely 'technical-intellectuals’ forms, in the poetic of Santissimi the appearance of that knowledge is put on stage in the work of art, practiced in the work of art (a collection of potency and act), crossing the words and games that are hidden behind the shapes of knowledge. The poetic itself is never a poetic declared, but it emerges digging the poetics of the wait, the attention, the fear and the mystery 'beyond the borders of the knowledge.' The process that you live in the work of the Santissimi, it manifests through the sign of the revelation, so that: the expected is defeated by the unexpected, take action corresponds to 'be acted' and the joys of childbirth are finally the creation of the work."

via artnau