Pejac's First Ever Sculptural Edition Serves As Environmental Commentary

December 04, 2017

Over the last year and half, the Spanish artist Pejac has been working on his first ever sculptural edition, which turned out to be his most complex piece to date. Seen by the artist as a conceptual "message in a bottle," Desprestigio is a dark souvenir of a fact that humans can, and should, be better guests on Earth, an idea that the artist constantly revisits in his work.

Moved by the Prestige oil spill back in 2002, when oil tanker MV Prestige split in half and sunk off the coast of Galicia in northwestern Spain, Pejac created the exact replica of the broken and sinking vessel as a sculptural piece. Assembled in a PET plastic bottle, a derivative product of crude oil, the piece has the romantic feel of the classic ship in a bottle, while carrying a sobering and warning message.

desprestigio pejac06

First introduced at his pop-up show earlier this year in Venice, Desprestigio is turning the catastrophic story of the largest environmental disaster in the history of both Spain and Portugal, into a poetic, touching, piece of art. A gut wrenching reminder of the 77,000 metric tons of heavy fuel oil that sunk together with the flawed ship, polluting thousands of kilometers of coastline along the way, including the artist's home region of Cantabria. The artist recently announced the release of this limited edition sculpture that will be available in 30 unique pieces. Each meticulously hand painted by the artist, and sealed inside of a PET plastic bottle. Desprestigio measures 35 x 13 x 9,7 cm (13.78 x 5.11 x 3.81 inches), comes signed and numbered by the artist, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.––Sasha Bogojev