Paul Insect and Bast, two artists that have been collaborating for years on making cheerful marionette-like puppets from found objects, have just announced a release of their 1st ever collaborative bronze sculpture. Titled Can Man Bronze, the solid bronze piece is presenting a character built from Krylon spraypaint can with googly, bloody eyes, is 42cm high (16.5") and weighs 5.8kg (almost 13lbs).

Originally, Can Man is Insect and Bast's character that was introduced in one of their legendary IG videos they've been sharing from time to time. Dancing carelessly to funky tunes, these puppets are artists' way of getting away from their daily studio work and having some fun. Built from found objects and often referencing graffiti, hip-hop, and other musical genres, these fun creations were presented at such events as Banksy's Dismaland or Glastonbury festival.

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Rusty cans #traintracks #krylon with @bastny #nyc #rubbish ##

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This is the first time the two artists from London and NYC collaborated on producing a sculptural piece, which was cast in bronze and completed by painting all the elements and features of its original. From blood vein on its eyes, Krylon logo, wires, all the way to ripped cardboard base with a loose staple in the corner. Coming signed and numbered in very limited edition of only 15 examples, Can Man Bronze is available exclusively via Allouche Gallery. —Sasha Bogojev