This month and next month, Paradigm Gallery is showing Jedediah Morfit's The Look/The Seen and Darla Jackson's ...a slow death... Both exhibitions are dedicated to sculpture and grapple with psychological themes around human subjectivity.

The Look/The Seen is a series of Morfit’s new sculpture inspired by fashion designers who have incorporated sculptural elements into their garments, such as Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, Iris van Herpen, and Issey Miyake. The exhibition calls to mind Lacan's theories on alienation in his writing on the split experience of being both a living subject and a perceived object. Morfit works with a diverse range of materials including laser cut plexiglass, wallpaper, beads, and zip ties.

Jackson's exhibition ...a slow death... similarly deals with psychological themes, focusing on human emotion around love, loss, and heartbreak. Her new body of sculpture focuses on dark humor by distorting familiar animals and objects and rendering them disturbing or uncanny.