Pablo Benzo "Willow Waltz" @ BC Gallery, Berlin

December 14, 2016

Berlin-based BC Gallery is currently showing an exhibition by Chilean painter, graphic designer and illustrator Pablo Benzo, entitled Willow Waltz. The show includes his latest oil paintings and wooden sculptures depicting abstracted plant-like figures.

Growing up strongly influenced by graffiti and street painting in Santiago (Chile), Benzo has been collaborating with many artists from Chile and around the world. These collaborations affected his visual language and mediums, and eventually made him a more focused artist in regards to creating studio work. In 2013, Pablo moved to Berlin, strongly influenced both by historical artists as well as his contemporaries, where began to focus the work with the use of oils. Using collage and ceramics as additional mediums, his work is a balannce of surrreal situations, and in this particular case, abstracted plant-like figures. Not explicitly organic, but also not evidently mechanic, each canvas and sculpture is playing with familiar format of still-life and non-representational imagery. With aesthetic of contemporary classics, the pieces in Willow Waltz are far from Pablo's urban and street art roots, and are balanced somewhere between Rene Magritte's atmospheres and Alexander Calder's fragile creations. Though somehow static, both paintings and sculptures appear as if they are caught in a motion—such as willows dancing to a slow waltz. —Sasha Bogojev