Meryl Pataky is an alchemist of many mediums; she applies her passion for bending neon to an ever-progressive range of materials to create sculptures that relate to her concept of universal connectedness.

Hailing from the south of Florida, Meryl Pataky moved to San Francisco in 2002 to attend the Academy of Art University. She fell in love with the tactile nature of sculpture and pursued a BFA in the major. Her focus consistently revolved around the elements found on the periodic table, the fundamental components of her practice as a bender of neon gas.

From silver and copper to neon, iron and carbon, Meryl's work utilizes its own materiality to make a statement about the material of the greater universe. In doing so, Meryl combines her technical skills with myriad materials with her own personal narrative, building complex, staggering artworks that invite the viewer to divine the threads that influenced her process. Meryl's latest works explore the process of combinging materials and elements to form otherworldly organics.