Michael Reeder invites viewers into The OtheRealm at Thinkspace this August. Discovery through the exploration of process fuels this new series by the Texas-born artist who constantly experiments in his studio, searching for the right balance as he pushes forward and debuts his largest collection to date.

As a contemporary portraitist who plays with figurative distortion and symbolic dislocation to express and examine identity, Reeder controls his chaos for a strategically unsettling narrative. With the figure as an exterior of the internal self, the artist oscillates his graphic, stylized pieces between reduction and excess.

Tapping into the recesses a surreal his subconscious that serves as a limitless visual resource, Reeder makes his just imagery loose enough to encourage projection but tight enough to direct association. In recreating a single subject multiple times, Reeder discovers poetry in seriality and the subtlety of variation as each iteration produces a surprise.

Moving from flat, graphic expanses to realistically rendered landscapes, Reeder portrays dynamic, shifting entities, composites of competing personal, political, and social forces. Finite and circumscribed, the figure, just like the self, has limitless potential.

Michael Reeder's The OtheRealm debuts at Thinkspace Projects on August 3rd, with an opening reception from 6 pm to 9 pm, and is on show through August 24th.