In an exhibition of all female artists, unprecedented for the seminal Saatchi Gallery (but about damn time), a 30th anniversary celebration will feature 14 artists, several who are working with large-scale sculptural installations and reflecting on "what it means to be a female artist working today," according to the gallery. 

We wonder if men are ever encouraged to reflect on what it means to be a male artist. Perhaps not, but we're still thrilled about Champagne Life, which looks like a stunner of an exhibition. The artists are about to make a loud and massive impact in a show we already consider to be a shining moment for 2016, and they are: Mequitta Ahuja (US), Alice Anderson (UK), Maria Angeletti (France), Jelena Bulajic (Serbia), Julia Dault (Canada), Mia Feuer (Canada, Sigrid Holmwood (Australia), Virgile Ittah (Paris), Maha Malluh (Saudi Arabia), Suzanne McClelland (US), Seung Ah Paik (Korea), Stephanie Quayle (UK), Soheila Sokhnvari (Iran), and Julia Wachtel (USA). This won't be the last time you'll hear these names. We hope Saatchi is setting a trend for shifting the art world's imbalances. Champagne Life was a title borrowed from Wachtel's piece, which features Yeezy and Kim K, and as an exhibition title, highlights the conflicting but intertwined glamorous art world life and the solitary studio practice of the artists who make it possible. The show opens January 13, 2016. 

Images courtesy Saatchi Gallery, London