Kazuhiro Tsuji (Re)Creates Mark Ryden in Hyperreal Structure Form for Copro Gallery, LA Art Show

January 15, 2018

As we mentioned on our Instagram account, but this is like a master getting mastered by another master. Kazuhiro Tsuji, the former Hollywood make-up designer who has made hyperreal sculptures of art giants like Dali, Warhol, Frida and R Crumb in the past, just set his sights on the living legend, Mark Ryden. The new sculpture was done with Copro Gallery for the LA Art Show.

As always with Kazu's work, there is an element of "surrealness" to the sculptures, and in the case of the new Ryden sculpture, the eyeball is an incredibly detailed and amazing addition to the work. Also, Kazu included some WIP videos of the making of the work, which we are sharing one below now! 

My new piece “Mark Ryden” Today is the last day at The LA Art Show LittleTopia. Copro Gallery. Los Angeles Convention Center. Thank you very much @markryden for letting me to create your portrait. It was great honor and pleasure. #laartshow #coprogallery #markryden #portrait #hyperrealism #kazustudios #kazuhirotsuji #sculpture #bigeyes #eye #eyes #joewright #darkesthour #garyoldman #92y #sculptor #sculpting #chavantnspmedium #chavantclay #耳

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