For its sixth stop, KAWS:HOLIDAY takes to the sky again. Since 2018, the KAWS:HOLIDAY project has landed in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan and Outer Space. KAWS and longtime collaborator, AllRightsReserved will bring KAWS:HOLIDAY back from outer space into Earth’s atmosphere in May. Official payment partnered with FTX Pay for the journey, the artist’s hot-air balloon first took flight in Bristol, United Kingdom — known as the hot-air balloon capital. The sculptural balloon is one of the world’s largest hot-air balloons measuring 42-meter tall, will take passengers up for breathtaking views of the world and an airborne adventure of a lifetime.

KAWS has reimagined COMPANION as a hot-air balloon, the first historically successful human- carrying flight technology, enjoying the spectacular bird’s eye view of Bristol while ballooning with COMPANION. "I'm happy to be able to continue working on exciting projects like KAWS:HOLIDAY and hope it can bring some inspiration during our ongoing global situation."

For those who would like to join the balloon ride, please visit KAWS:HOLIDAY Hot-air Balloon World Tour’s official website for more information. There will be a COMPANION release of 3 colorways, as well as a sweatshirt and ceramic set to coincide with KAWS:HOLIDAY.