On the eve of taking part in the group show, Alchemy, at BRIC House in Brooklyn on June 27, 2018, Chop em' Down Films and Juxtapoz visited the studio of Kennedy Yanko.

Kennedy Yanko (b. 1988, St. Louis, MO) is an artist whose practice explores the primacy of the senses as a means to gain knowledge and disrupt immediate associations. Yanko grounds herself in a physical practice. She says, "I've always understood life through movement and my senses; I have to create something physically in order to truly understand it intellectually." Most recently, her three dimensional sculptural paintings have served as the foundations for immersive experiences in physical spaces.

For four years, Yanko alternated between a residency at The Living Theater in New York — one of the first and arguably the most influential experimental theater troupes in the U.S. — while dedicating herself to her studio practice in St. Louis. Throughout this period, her work was showcased in a trio of solo exhibitions in St. Louis (2009’s “Wu-Wei,” 2010’s “Paroxysm,” and 2012’s “Permutation”) that coincided with major developments in Yanko’s experiments in painting. In 2017, Yanko participated in the Derrick Adams-curated show at the Jenkins Johnson Project Space, "Hidden in Plain Sight," and created a custom installation for PULSE Contemporary Art Fair at Art Basel Miami. So far in 2018, she's shown work with VOLTA NY as part of Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont's curated section, and will be showing with the Caroline A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation at Mana Contemporary this April. This summer, Yanko will complete a large-scale installation for BRIC Arts in downtown Brooklyn, and in the fall, she'll have a solo show with Leyendecker Galeria. 

Filmed by Chop em' Down Films