It Bends! Alex Chinneck Ties a 450-year-old column into a knot

February 07, 2018

Alex Chinneck has always been about creating massive illusions within architecture. He made an entire building facade slide into the pavement, ripped the side of a building like a zipper. Now for his most recent installation, Birth, death and a midlife crisis, currently on view at the German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck, Chinneck has knotted a two pillar columns alongside the museums 450-year old columns.

As Chinneck notes on Instagram, "We've just tied a 450-year-old column in the German museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck in a knot. Over the past five years I've given all my focus to outdoor projects, and while they continue with more ambition than ever, I'm excited to begin producing indoor sculpture. We also introduced a straight column, in addition to the knotted pillar, to give the intervention symmetry." A nice effect, we think. 

All photography by @charlesemerson