Isaac Cordal's “Giza Komedia” @ SC Gallery, Bilbao

Feb 17, 2017 - Apr 28, 2017SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain

On Friday 17th February Bilbao’s SC Gallery will be opening Isaac Cordal’s first solo exhibition in the Basque Country. Giza Komedia (Basque for “The Human Comedy”) is a continuation of Cordal's ongoing "Cement Eclipses" project and it consists of latest sculptures and photographs of his interventions in Bilbao.

Started in 2006 "Cement Eclipses" is a world wide project that consist of small scale interventions in the public space. The Galician artist combines sculpture and photography in these works, creating little replicas of modern society hidden withing the urban space. His urban installations and photographs are a critical definition of our behavior as a society and include references to current politics, economy, inequality, the refugee crisis, environmental issues, etc. Slightly hidden from the general public, these precious little monuments come to light when accidentally discovered by the passerby. Representing the fragments of our own daily lives, they are easy to identify or empathize with, as well as helpful with reflecting on the absurdity of our existence. For this particular exhibition Cordal created temporary and permanent installations with his familiar characters inhabiting Bilbao, as well as sculpted some brand new pieces as a commentary on the current politics and trends. —Sasha Bogojev