Hallucinatory Enhancements: The Mind-Blowing Works of Kris Kuksi @ Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC

Oct 14, 2017 - Nov 11, 2017Joshua Liner Gallery, New York City

The Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi opens his sixth solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery, with a massive presentation of his detailed and mind-blowing sculptural assemblages. We have featured Kuksi in the magazine in past years, but this particular show, Hallucinatory Enhancements, looks like his most bold showing to date.

Inspired from sources such as classical art and architecture, the rhythm and movement found within Kuksi’s intricate and ornate assemblages, pull directly from rococo and baroque aesthetics. Each work carries the familiarity of history, with elements collected from discordant paths. Religion, culture, war, industry, and sex are all densely juxtaposed to seek out new meanings through new visual relationships. It is the combination of elements that creates Kuksi’s surreal universes of endless opposition and dichotomies. This tension creates work that is at once, peaceful and violent, beautiful and grotesque. As we allow our eyes to explore each assemblage, the works unfold into a boundless world of infinite narratives, evoking but rewriting history, breaking apart the narrative understanding.

The title of this collection of work, Hallucinatory Enhancements, takes aim at that way in which the viewer examines each piece, contemplating the work as a whole. It is how we perceive the work, that the artist equates to a hallucinatory journey. The extreme density and multiplicity of the work, allows for a personal, and private experience for each viewer. As our eyes explore the seemingly infinite assemblages, we become more aware of how we behold and understand the work. Kuksi’s art take us inward, and connect with us both directly and indirectly, creating a hallucinatory effect that becomes apparent as we metaphorically engage with the works.