Godeleine de Rosamel's "Selfies" at Stephanie Chefas Projects

Feb 09, 2018 - Feb 23, 2018Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland, OR

Stephanie Chefas Projects' latest show features Los Angeles based artist Godeleine de Rosamel with a collection of sculptures titled Selfies. Inspired by her surroundings, Godeleine incorporates environmental elements into her work, as she believes shapes, textures, and colors can come from anywhere, "as long as the mind is alert enough to capture all the clues surrounding us." 

The artist's latest ceramics are a shift from previous works. The new species are built differently: the bodies are less technical, and "more primitive or direct." Whereas Godeleine's older pieces are smooth and rounded, her newer art is more tangible, with distinct bumps and grooves. The artist's handiwork has evolved and continues to evolve with each new species. "I have been drawn to creating pieces that, in my mind, are faithful to the early human artists’ preoccupation with other living creature.", says Godeleine. "Although my creatures are imaginary, in making them, I feel I am connecting to the feelings of awe, mystery and reverence that I see as unifying 'primitive' art from every point of human origin. For this show I've played with the idea of continuing with my traditional materials and techniques in creating these imaginary beasts, but I have also acknowledged the very modern and ubiquitous use of cellphones that have made photography and especially “selfies” the most universal form of human expression perhaps ever. Is the “ selfie” impulse exclusively tied to the technology that has made it so popular? I do not know. But I do imagine that if my very non-tech creatures were to come alive today, they might like a matching non-tech form of selfie."

Photos and statements provided by the gallery