Garagantua and Pantagruel: Caroline Wells Chandler & Kari Cholnoky @ Left Field Gallery, San Luis Obispo

Aug 03, 2018 - Sep 02, 2018Left Field Gallery, San Luis Obispo

Caroline Wells Chandler’s crocheted paintings were memorable at last year’s Miami Art Week, and we’ve chased them ever since. His Queertopia is made up of cheeky characters such as the B.E.R.T.s (Bareling Energy Resonance Transmitters), who levitate with capes and uninhibited joy, and the Buttheads, who kick it in colorfully-striped tube socks.

At Left Field Gallery, he’s showing alongside another textural artist, Kari Cholnoky, whose work Chandler describes as, “extraterrestrial hard drives spliced with buffalos, sex toys, and Cheetos for programming human desire.” Being from Queens and on the topic of the best coast’s art, Chandler also explained, “California artists lack seasonal affective disorder because the sun is so euphoric, and that’s why the vibe is totally different and pleasant, which is a bit of a stark difference from a brooding and moody New York painter tone.” We’ll take it, but our editors note that you might also get S.A.D. from a lack of opportunities to wear fashionable parkas. Head to Left Field on your way to the beach for a rare opportunity to see a couple of New York artists with California souls. —Kristin Farr