Edoardo Tresoldi's "Etherea" Creates a Mirage in the Desert @ Coachella

May 31, 2018

Over two consecutive weekends this past April, visitors of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival got to enjoy the site-specific installation Etherea, conceived by sculpture artist, Edoardo Tresoldi. This large installation was the Italian artist's biggest artwork to date and is also the largest one of the Californian festival.

After his past collaborations with Life Is Beautiful, Roskilde, The Secret Garden Party, Eaux Claires and DERIVE music festivals, Etherea continued Tresoldi's focus on the experiential perception of the space and the relationship with the landscape’s elements. The result was a breathtaking wire-mesh installation consisting of three transparent sculptures inspired by Neoclassical and Baroque architecture. All with identical shapes but different sizes, the complete installation creates the feel of a mirage, which fits the desert setting and the overall vibe of the music festival, and further emphasized with clever light effect as well as the "nesting doll" composition.

Often playing with the relationship between architecture and the outside space, Tresoldi's expanding structure creates an illusion of sky appearing bigger and more distant while making the observer feel smaller.—Sasha Bogojev

Photo credits: Roberto Conte

Video credit by Vito Frangione and Fabiano Caputo