“Same Shit, Different Day” printed on a formal china luncheon plate, clever, concise and completely true. Quebecer Marie-Claude Marquis expresses herself with exquisite French irony, uniquely French in its frank, world weary humor. And aren’t we all a little weary right about now? Don’t Use Me, I’m Broken, her new solo show opens at Thinkspace Projects on Saturday, July 25 for a three week virtual run, a perfect opportunity to vent and commiserate with the versatile works of this truly interdisciplinary artist.  Initially conceived as a portal to examine the complex frailty of human beings, the pandemic turned her exhibition into what she calls “a darker turn than my usual work."

Don’t Use Me, I’m Broken retains MC’s building blocks, her appreciation for found objects which she resurrects with care and humility. Discarded, chipped dishes wear their scars with new slogans like badges of honor or honest dishonor. As she unearths forgotten items she basically reminds us of the ability to rebuild and reimagine, to look beyond ageism, perceived perfection and marketing. In her own words, “This exhibition is, therefore, a mix of reflections, overflow, fears, hope, humor and, once again, an attempt to encourage the spectator to express his feelings and free himself from a weight that a person is often unconscious of carrying.” In this time of self reflection it’s comforting to witness art that reaffirms and brings to light our secret thoughts.