“For me, as an artist, I realized that you have the power to redirect people's relationship to imagery based on inserting them into different contexts," Derrick Adams told us in his 2019 cover story. As he sets to releasd a limited-edition PU sculpture with AllRightsReserved, we look at the way his works are being put into different contexts. Good Luck Charm, based on a "floatie" figure that has shown up in his paintings, will be created in a collectible form in an edition of 60, and through a draw with DDTStore

"Good Luck Charm is a natural progression of my Floaters series of vividly painted portraits of Black people in various states of rest and play, on inflatable pool floats," Derrick told us. "The work in this series is intended to connect with people on an emotional level and tap into their lived experiences. Regardless of all the things that are happening in the world, we still find time to connect with each other. More rare than the traditional unicorn we all know, I created the black unicorn as a unique object to bring you good luck."

Good Luck Charm
Material: PU and mixed media
Dimensions : H160 x W280 x D160 mm
Edition of 60
Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity

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Ends on 25 OCT 12am (EDT) / 12pm (HKT)