With The Vibrating Man at White Cube, David Altmejd is sure to keep hearts racing. A highlight in Hong Kong, the exhibition of sculptures, his first there and with the gallery, is a series of wall relief pieces and a large body of figurative sculptures, busts upfront.

The heady showcase, divided into two sections starts with the first-floor where the life-sized  "vibrating man” seems to pulsate among large wall relief works. The religious reliquary-like sculpture in the lotus position, residing within a large Plexiglass construction, dramatically introduces the rest of the show on the 2nd-floor gallery. Contours and extremities swirl and multiply to create vibrating motion, which the artist explores in smaller pieces exhibited in the 2nd Room

Scattered through space, and housed on different pedestals, these pieces are drawing on science, religion, magic, psychedelia, science fiction, and Gothic Romanticism. Although grotesque and not necessarily eye candy, his post-apocalyptic visions are actually representing his optimistic views as his characters regularly present the potential for regeneration, evolution, and reinvention. Successfully translating the visual glitches of the degraded screen into a sculptural sphere, the pieces are filled with multiplication, shifts, and absence of features, creating a feeling of disbelief when observed in person. Through his work Montreal-born artist expresses his "fascination with nature, a taste for the uncanny and excitement for unpredictable things, things that transform and that are difficult to describe". This fascination with unpredictable goes beyond individual works into the gallery space, where countless random holes, pencil marks, and accidental or purposeful damages create an ambiance that evokes curiosity and caution. —Sasha Bogojev

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Wait for it... incredible show of works by #DavidAltmejd at @whitecube Hong Kong. ? @sashabogojev (@daltmejd)

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