Exactly one week after opening his solo show with Ron Mandos Gallery in Amsterdam, Daniel Arsham introduced a large career overview showcase with MOCO Museum, also in the Dutch capital. On view until September 30th, Connecting Time presents a selection of works spanning the last decade of the artist's career, including pieces that draw on design, sculpture, film, performance, and interacting with architecture.

Along with presenting some of his greatest hits seen at gallery shows and institutional presentations world-wide, Arsham used this opportunity to debut some new concepts. Following the recently-opened solo show with Ron Mandos Gallery, this exhibition includes a new series that represents imaginary future artifacts of present-day magazines, books, or cereal boxes. Developing a technique which recreates the eroded, sculptural versions of these flat objects, the artist continues his largest body of fictional archeology. These now include large-scale fabric patches, as well as wrapped figure pieces, focusing in on re-creating familiar materials in an unfamiliar form, in this case; fabric textures with solid, cast materials.

Freezing the millennial-era objects in calcified form, Connecting Time introduces an extension of this concept with the "Calcified Room" installation, a room frozen-in-time that includes everyday objects. Along with a couple ambiguous spaces created within the museum's historic space, one with shape-shifting walls, the artist created another version of his "Amethyst Ball Cavern," a seemingly endless purple-light room covered with different size balls made from eroded amethyst.––Sasha Bogojev

Photos by Sasha Bogojev