Hong Kong was the center of the art world this past week, with Art Basel and tons of art shows opening up around the city. Another show we checked out was Japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara, and his show at Pace Gallery, "Ceramic Works and...". Coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong 2018, "the exhibition includes new ceramic sculptures, paintings, and works on paper that continue the pioneering contemporary artist’s innovative approach to representation and form."

From his early iconic, almost childlike characters that were crossover hits around the world, Nara newest sculpture works featuring those familiar faces but in an almost faded, ancient style. The 12 new ceramic sculptures were created in Shigaraki, Japan, "one of the oldest places in the country for production in the medium and a place where the artist has returned to work." As for the series of new paintings, Nara continues to explore a single subject, positioned in the center of the frame, using a "thinner quality of acrylic paint compared to oil, Nara creates each painting by adding and removing pigment until he reaches his desired effect: a canvas made up of suspended hues that allows the figure to emerge through layers of color, inviting the viewer to stand still and enter a moment of contemplation."

Photos by @SashaBogojev