Boris Telegen's Makes New Sculptures For De Stijl Cycle Superhighway in The Netherlands

June 26, 2018

After two years in the works, 10 large-scale sculptural works by Boris Tellegen, aka Delta, were officially introduced to the public this weekend in Amersfoort, Holland. Designed for the De Stijl cycling route (that celebrates 100 years anniversary of founding the famous artistic movement), the 20km long route is connecting Utrecht, the birthplace of Gerrit Rietveld, with Piet Mondrian's hometown of Amersfoort.

From painting graffiti all over Holland and Europe, and changing the game with his 3D designs, to constructing installations and having his concepts applied on everything from fashion items to architecture of buildings, the Amsterdam-based artist has always been interested in depth and sculptural objects. Utilizing the ideas and aesthetics of De Stijl movement, Tellegen designed 10 sculptures measuring around 55cm in width and around 6.5 meters high. Produced from different materials such as wood, steel (powder coated, galvanized), plants, chrome stainless steel, led light, and different types of concrete, they are a pillar-shaped version of the futuristic-looking creations he's been making in different forms over the last couple of decades. Playing with the material and the shape, these monolithic statues are both referring on historic moments from De Stijl's history, while playing with their generally green surrounding. Matching the location for which they are designed, they range for colourful pieces at both ends of the route, to the rust covered poles contrasting the lush forest area or even light emitting sculptures placed on the side of a highway.

Providing sort of a treasure hunt element to the route that is connecting two cities, the project is continuing on the country-wide efforts to create bike superhighways whose main intention is to reduce the number of cars on the road by engaging in long-distance cycling traffic. —Sasha Bogojev