The Work of Joseph Parra

January 06, 2014

We stumbled across some great works by Baltimore-based Joseph Parra this morning, a wonderful collection of screenprints, digital prints, and charcoal on paper works. Some of the works have an eerie, distorted effect applied to them, where the charcoal drawings are highlighted by expressive linework.

Joseph Parra says of his work "There is an innate desire to replicate an individual through artistic production. Traditionally, as an artist works to render the human figure in any medium, they come to face specific requirements that can often be constraining. For the figure to become more than a combination of forms, one must dive deeper and reveal something that is otherwise unseen. In challenging conventional portraiture, I expel the physical features of an appropriated individual and expose layers to reflect the varied constructs of what it is to be human. These layers can be abstracted, acting as reminders that we are merely a union of ideas. Exposure and concealment are my tools, carried out via printmaking, digital printing, drawing, and painting."