Scott Hove "Master of Rapacity" @ Hashimoto Contemporary

May 31, 2014 - Jun 21, 2014Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

This Saturday, May 31st, Hashimoto Contemporary is opening “Master of Rapacity” the latest solo show by gallery artist Scott Hove. Featuring several new wall mounted taxidermy works, two free standing assault weapon sculptures, and an interactive installation element, “Master of Rapacity” is one of the artist’s most ambitious undertakings yet.

In 2013, Hove presented his first solo show with us, “Guns and Ecstasy” which was on view at our sister gallery Spoke Art. While that exhibition tackled the ongoing assault weapon debate, Hove’s latest body of work presents a further exploration of social introspection by moving past the debates themselves to discuss the oligarchical characters behind the curtain.

In Scott’s own words: “America is currently undergoing a very decisive and quiet transition to corporate oligarchy, the government becoming more and more acquiescent to corporate policy. Corporate policy is by nature rapacious, and could not give a fuck about nature or your feelings. So, I wondered what kind of art might be in an oligarch's house… and then I made those pieces. I was partly inspired by Mexican cartel boss aesthetics, late Roman empire decadence, and regular old Americana. This imaginary oligarch is the Master of Rapacity.”

For “Master of Rapacity”, Hove has expanded on his self taught process, creating new taxidermy works even more intricate, detailed and gaudy than before. Gems and the liberal use of gold elevate the works to new levels of kitsch, while certain works such as his “For Some More Than Others” incorporate the secret society symbology of the FreeMasons. The artist’s Carl Jung inspired assault weapons are presented as matching “his” and “her” works, the perfect addition to any oligarch household.

The centerpiece of Hove’s exhibition is a modified carnival kid’s ride, equipped with a new soundtrack, gaudy exterior and BDSM twist.

“Master of Rapacity” opens Saturday, May 31st with an opening night reception from 6pm-10pm and will be on view through Saturday, June 21st.