Juxtapoz was very fortunate to get to spend time with Sarah Cain and run a print feature of her work in the December 2011 issue, and we have been following her ascent into the fine art word for years. Having showed at institutions like SFMOMA and the Orange County Museum of Art, Cain's new work at Galerie Lelong is some of our favorite to date. Abstraction fixed into structured installation preparation... a really stunning show we can't wait to see in person. 

From the gallery:

Featuring a new body of mixed-media works on canvas and a site-specific installation, Cain further expands her exploration of painting and space through her use of disparate materials ranging from beads, safety pins, Mylar balloons, paint rollers, and other found objects. Cain’s spirited paintings recontextualize our understanding of traditionally perceived limits of painting, sculpture, and installation. The site-specific work, her first such presentation in New York, will respond to the physical, psychic, and emotional space of the gallery as well as Cain’s time in New York. The creation of ephemeral, site-specific works recalls earlier work from Cain’s career in which she solely worked in abandoned buildings. Today, the artist fluidly moves between works on site and her object-based studio practice.